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International Smallsat Coordination

In 2016, a group of smallsat operators and key figures formed the CSSMA. The working group is aimed at helping industry players navigate the various pitfalls often observed when coordinating both nationally and internationally.

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CSSMA - Commercial smallsat spectrum management working group

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Many commercial nanosatellite operators use radiofrequency spectrum on a "non-exclusive" basis, i.e., the spectrum may be used by other satellite (or terrestrial) operators, including Federal government agencies. The shared use of spectrum involves conducting interference analyses and extensive coordination, most of which must be completed as part of the regulatory licensing process. If you are a current or prospective satellite operator, please join the host committee of the Commercial Satellite Spectrum Management Association (CSSMA).

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Past Events

Past Events

Review our past agenda and attendees

See for yourself. Review the agenda for our last meeting in Washington DC and judge for yourself whether there is value that you can extract or contribute. The complete list of attendees is also availble for review.

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What We Do


Regulatory Insights

Join us as we share insights into changes in the regulations and upcoming coordination challenges presented both nationally and internationally.

Share Information

Whether it is in a formal presentation or informal discussions, there is a wealth of information that can be capitalized on.


Get to know your peers in the industry and plan your coordination accordingly. The more you plan ahead the easier it will be.


Our working group focuses on smallsats (otherwise known as cubesats). That does not mean we are exclusive. Join us regardless of size.

Key Stats

Smallsats - 483
Members - 41
Launches - 71
Failures - 6%

Why Join?

Learn from industry experts and peers alike. The CSSMA is focused on providing a network for commercial operators to collaborate and accelerate together. While a competative advantage is always critical, our members activelly collaberate to help one another.

Our members currently include companies from both the United States and Canada. We are always looking to expand the group's global reach.

Contribute to one of our events by presenting relative information on your constellation, work or challenges. The more you can share about what you are working on the better our members can catch potential pitfalls when moving to coordinating.

Providing venues for the events is always appreciated.

Accelerate your company's path to coordination and ultimately commercial operation. By working with our members you are able to learn about upcoming coordination challenges and circumvent potential pitfalls to your operation.

Key Figures

People and Companies


Craig leads the RF spectrum management and advises communication system strategies at Planet for its fleet of medium and high resolution imaging satellites, which images the entire planet everyday.

Craig Scheffler

Spectrum Manager - Planet


Kepler Communications is working to establish a low cost global satellite telecommunications network in space by using smallsats as a vehicle for economic scalability.

Nick Spina

Manager Regulatory - Kepler


Jonathan serves as General Counsel of Spire, a leading new space operator, where he has had first hand experience dealing with spectrum coordination issues.

Jonathan Rosenblatt

General Counsel - Spire


Tony Lin works with both new and established satellite and communications companies, understanding their varying legal and business needs.

Tony Lin

Counsel - Hogan Lovells



CSSMA - it's the simplest way to collaborate and accelerate.

Membership and events are free to attend with zero obligation.

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Join our next meeting in Logan, Utah

Our next working group meeting will be on August 10, following SmallSat in Logan. Join us there to learn about industry movements, regulatory updates and to converse with an expanding network of operators, regulators and industry players.



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